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Redfield Alerts:

Redfield City and Surrounding Area Historical Facts

Redfield City and the surrounding areas are rich with history.  If you would like more information contact the Depot at  (605) 472-4566

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A wagon Joy Ride

McCoy family going for an afternoon joy ride. This was prior to 1927, the year the current building housing City Hall was built. In the background there is a photo gallery, maybe they were headed for a family portrait. Joining the family on their ride is the family dog. Notice the great street lights and across the street where the current youth center is.


Party at Three Trees

This must be the early 1900's version of 'party at Three Trees'. Boating wearing long dresses could have proved eventful but apparently the person in the water wasn't concerned. Boats must have been taken out with horse and buggy, brought the children along and had a great time!


Going to the Dentist

This photo was taken from an early 1900 scrapbook. No names or date but these gentlemen look like they are having way too much fun going to the dentist. Vest and suits must have been the fashion of the day.



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