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Redfield City and Surrounding Area Historical Facts

Redfield City and the surrounding areas are rich with history.  If you would like more information contact the Depot at  (605) 472-4566

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Depot Lunchroom

The Chicago & NorthWestern Depot Lunchroom used to be quite a place to have your meal. This picture was taken in 1923 and these people looked like they were eager to serve. While the passengers on the train were served first, customers from the public were also welcome to dine. You can still see the holes in the floor where the stools were secured to the floor.



Little German Band

The Little German Band was a very popular group, possibly in the 50's and 60's. They were a staple at the Redfield Follies, which was a variety show with performers from Redfield and surrounding area. Members of this group were:

Top row: Roy Shalkle, Butch Blume,
2nd row: Lynn Dorsey, Ralph Zarneke, Hula Hancock, Lowell "Tiny" Benning.
3rd row: Bonnie Hardie, Floyd Klebsch, Walt Willams, Claude Rector, Windy Harford.


Spink County Courthouse

Spink County Courthouse. Grand, historic building with beautiful features both inside and outside. Cars in the parking lot are pretty cool too!


Spink County Courthouse prior to 1926

Photo of the old Spink County Courthouse, prior to 1926



Leather Repair Shop

If you needed your shoes repaired or possibly a belt fixed, even some horse tack now and then, this was the place to have all your repairs completed. Fast, friendly service and your shoes were like new when you picked them up! Located where Dollar General is now.


Texaco Station

Located on east Hwy 212 and 281 corner, this Texaco was owned and operated by Royce Bush. You could get your car fully serviced, fill your bike tires with air and have some friendly conversion with Royce. Though no longer in service the building is still there and adds a bit of nostalgia to travelers passing through Redfield.


Leo's Good Food and Bargain World

Leo's Good Food on the corner and next door was Bargain World. Favorite places to stop after school for a treat or pick up some supplies. Currently the building is occupied by Ace Hardware.


Redfield Post Office

The US Post Office in Redfield was built in 1916-17 and little has changed with the building, though a ramp was added to the front. Still a beautiful historic building, just a half a block off main street. Gorgeous woodwork, vintage mail boxes and friendly staff to greet customers.

[ construction pics ]


E.C. Issenhuth building postcard, possibly 1921. Sadly this building burned on November 16, 1986, taking the life of a 17 month old girl and leaving approximately 20 people without a home. The second floor was apartments. The first floor was home to the Senior Citizen Center, and 3 other businesses. Firefighters from 4 towns battled the blaze. This is the sight of the current Food Center and Parking Lot.


A wagon Joy Ride

McCoy family going for an afternoon joy ride. This was prior to 1927, the year the current building housing City Hall was built. In the background there is a photo gallery, maybe they were headed for a family portrait. Joining the family on their ride is the family dog. Notice the great street lights and across the street where the current youth center is.


Party at Three Trees

This must be the early 1900's version of 'party at Three Trees'. Boating wearing long dresses could have proved eventful but apparently the person in the water wasn't concerned. Boats must have been taken out with horse and buggy, brought the children along and had a great time!


Going to the Dentist

This photo was taken from an early 1900 scrapbook. No names or date but these gentlemen look like they are having way too much fun going to the dentist. Vest and suits must have been the fashion of the day.



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