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Belcher's Ford / Fisher Grove State Park Photo

Belcher's Ford / Fisher Grove State Park

Located 8 miles east of Redfield on Hwy. 212 at Fisher Grove State Park

Belcher's Ford was named for the pioneer who came in 1879 and offered a ferry across the James River. A ford, a natural slope down the steep east bank, lay beside the Old Indian Crossing. That was a foot crossing with rocks arranged as stepping stones.

A settlement sprang up on the east river bank, south of the ford with hotel accommodations and a sod barn. The first post office in the county was established here on July 2, 1879 and operated until 1883 when the railroad bypassed Belcher's Ford. The origianl stones of the Old Indian Crossing were removed in the 1930s and used for a dam by the WPA Development Program.



Fisher Grove


Located 8 miles east of Redfield on Hwy. 212

Fisher Grove is named in honor of Frank I. Fisher, the first permanent settler in Spink County.

Fisher made a concentrated effort to establish a settlement at the crossroads known as Belcher's Ford, the Indian's traditional river crossing on the James River. It became the first crossing for the Watertown to Pierre stage line. Belcher's Ford became a focal point for travelers.

Fisher's attempt failed when the railroad bypassed the area. The mail office was then moved to Frankfort, two miles east. The hotel was abandoned and salvaged for wood. The site of the hotel can be reached by a park hiking trail. The area became a state park in 1968.

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